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11.6.Multi Dimensional Array
11.6.1.Declare, create, and initialize the rectangular array
11.6.2.Declaring a Two-Dimensional Array
11.6.3.Initializing a Two-Dimensional Array of Integers
11.6.4.Use Foreach statement to loop through Rectangular Array
11.6.5.Initialize a two-dimensional array
11.6.6.A two-dimensional array
11.6.7.Sum the values on a diagonal of a 3x3x3 matrix
11.6.8.Use foreach on a two-dimensional array.
11.6.9.The use of a three-dimensional rectangular array

11.6.10.Initialize multidimensional arrays in declaration
11.6.11.Use a single for loop to assign a two-dimensional array
11.6.12.Declaring a Jagged Array
11.6.13.Initializing a Jagged Array
11.6.14.Retrieving a Particular Dimension's Size
11.6.15.Test Single Dimension Array and Multi Dimension Array
11.6.16.Foreach with two dimensional array