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11.22.ArrayList object
11.22.1.Add user-defined object to an ArrayList
11.22.2.Add reference objects to ArrayList
11.22.3.Add object with IComparable interface implementation to an ArrayList
11.22.4.ArrayList and your own object: Add objects to ArrayList
11.22.5.ArrayList and your own object: Use the Contains() method to determine if an object is in the ArrayList
11.22.6.ArrayList and your own object: use the IndexOf() method to display the index of an object
11.22.7.ArrayList and your own object: remove an object from ArrayList
11.22.8.ArrayList and your own object: Use the Sort() method to sort objects in the ArrayList
11.22.9.ArrayList and your own object: Use the BinarySearch() method to search myArrayList for an object

11.22.10.ArrayList and your own object: Use the GetRange() method to get a range of object elements from ArrayList
11.22.11.ArrayList and your own object: Get an enumerator using the GetEnumerator() method and use it to read the object elements in ArrayList