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15.21.StreamWriter StreamWriter(fs, Encoding.UTF8)
15.21.2.Reading and Writing Files
15.21.3.Open a file using StreamWriter
15.21.4.Save string, decimal and char using FileStream and StreamWriter
15.21.5.Create StringWriter from StringBuilder
15.21.6.Using StreamWriter: write string
15.21.7.Using StreamWriter: write char
15.21.8.Using StreamWriter: Writes an Array of characters
15.21.9.Using StreamWriter: write a portion of an array

15.21.10.StreamWriter/Reader App
15.21.11.StringReader/Writer App
15.21.12.Stream Write with StreamWriter
15.21.13.Using statement and StreamWriter
15.21.14.Using File.CreateText to create a text file and return StreamWriter