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17.1.Regular Expression
17.1.1.Use Regular Expressions to split string
17.1.2.Do a replace using the Regex
17.1.4.Regular Expresion Part Regex('^\\d+') 1 Regex('\d+$') 2 Regex('^\\d+$') 3 Regex('(abc)|(xyz)*') 1 Regex('((abc)|(xyz))*') 2 Regex('((?:abc)|(?:xyz))*') 3 Regex(?(^\d)^\d+$|^\D+$) Regex((abc)*)x(\1) Regex(^\d+$\n+, RegexOptions.Multiline) Regex((abc)*abc((abcd)|z)bc) Regex(<[^>]+>[^<]*]+>): for XML tag Regex(<([^>]+)>[^<]*: for XML tag
17.1.17.Using RegEx