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21.6.Culture Format
21.6.1.Use current culture to format currency
21.6.2.Implement Format for different Culture Information
21.6.3.Get datetime formatting info from a CultureInfo
21.6.4.Get numeric formatting info from a CultureInfo
21.6.5.Save CultureInfo, its DateTimeFormatInfo and NumberFormatInfo to a text file
21.6.6.Culture formatting: en-US
21.6.7.Culture formatting: en-GB
21.6.8.An culture-friendly money matching expression
21.6.9.Culture-specific formatting: en-US, en-GB, ja, ar

21.6.10.Culture information: DisplayName, NativeName and LCID
21.6.11.Culture information: primary Calendar and optional Calendar
21.6.12.Culture information: Days
21.6.13.Culture information: Months
21.6.14.Culture information: Long Date Format and Short Date Format
21.6.15.Culture information: Currency Format
21.6.16.Culture information: Number Format
21.6.17.Culture information: Number Group Separator