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22.3.1.Query Expression
22.3.2.Chaining Query Operators/extracts all strings containing the letter 'a', sorts them by length, and then converts the results to uppercase
22.3.3.Use Contains, Length and ToUpper from Linq
22.3.4.Use select to retrieve all nodes in a Binary tree
22.3.5.Get Distinct departments with condition
22.3.6.Use LINQ to get Employees in the IT department from a tree
22.3.7.Use from where select to choose the Employees in the IT department from a tree
22.3.8.All employees in a tree are grouped by department
22.3.9.ArrayList Query

22.3.10.Complex Query Using Method Syntax
22.3.11.group query
22.3.12.query with extension methods
22.3.13.Join Query
22.3.14.Conduct query on the result again
22.3.15.Use a LINQ query to find the public enums
22.3.16.Define the query using IndexArray first.
22.3.17.Define the query using two from keywords.
22.3.18.Using Linq to get all methods