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30.30.Xml serialization
30.30.1.XML serialization with namespace setting
30.30.2.Serialize/Deserialize Xml: deal with element list
30.30.3.Specify the XmlRoot and XmlAttribute for XML serialization
30.30.4.Specify format and indentation for object XML serialization
30.30.5.Using XmlSerializer to Serialize a Linq object
30.30.6.XML Serialization Sample
30.30.7.Serialization of an object marked with XmlAttribute and XmlIgnore
30.30.8.Serialize a list of object to Xml with Linq
30.30.9.Xml Serialization for Enum

30.30.10.Xml Serialization for DateTime value
30.30.11.Assign XmlArrayAttribute to two arrays, and serializes a class instance that contains those arrays.
30.30.12.XmlTextAttribute with type string informs the XmlSerializer that strings should be serialized as XML text