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32.13.1.Connect to SQLserver
32.13.2.Deal with connection exception
32.13.3.Show the connection properties for SqlConnection
32.13.4.Properties of SqlConnection
32.13.5.SqlConnection connection state
32.13.6.Obtain a pooled connection
32.13.7.Obtain a nonpooled connection
32.13.8.Connection event: state changed and information
32.13.9.Setting Connection Pooling Options

32.13.10.Set AttachDbFilename in connection string
32.13.11.Opens and verifies a connection
32.13.12.Connect to SqlServer Named Instance
32.13.13.Connect to SqlServer and set the IP Address
32.13.14.Connect to SqlServer with Integrated security
32.13.15.Connect to SqlServer with password and id
32.13.16.Connection Display
32.13.17.Get Sql Statistics