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32.25.1.Use SqlDataAdapter to deal with the select statement
32.25.2.Update command with parameters
32.25.3.Insert command with parameters
32.25.4.Delete command with parameters
32.25.5.Update SqlDataAdapter with DataSet
32.25.6.Adding Data to MDF file with SqlDataAdapter
32.25.7.Executing a SQL Server Scalar-Valued Function
32.25.8.Executing a SQL Server Table-Valued Function
32.25.9.Fill DataSet With SqlDataAdapter

32.25.10.Persist Adds
32.25.11.Persist Adds Builder
32.25.12.Persist Changes
32.25.13.Persist Deletes
32.25.14.Updating Data with SqlDataAdapter and DataSet
32.25.15.Create a data adapter from select statement and connection string