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32.35.1.Simple Query Dataset
32.35.2.Fill a DataSet
32.35.3.Find Rows In Data
32.35.4.Load XML to DataSet
32.35.5.DataSet Merge event
32.35.6.Merge two DataSet
32.35.7.Creating a Strongly Typed DataSet
32.35.8.DataSet Read with SqlDataAdapter
32.35.9.DataSet.DataTable count

32.35.10.DataSet.DataTable name
32.35.11.Mapping Table and Column Names Between a Data Source and DataSet
32.35.12.Retrieving Schema and Constraints for a DataSet
32.35.13.Read schema and reload data with DataSet
32.35.14.Navigating Between Parent and Child Tables in an Untyped DataSet
32.35.15.Multitabled DataSet App