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36.3.1.Declaring a Pointer
36.3.2.IntPtrs and unsafe bit-twiddling
36.3.3.The & is a unary operator that returns the memory address of its operand
36.3.4.Use fixed to put address of value into a pointer
36.3.5.Demonstrate the effects of pointer arithmethic
36.3.6.An array name with an index yields a pointer to the start of the array
36.3.7.Index pointer
36.3.8.Pointer arithmetic
36.3.9.Get a pointer to the start of a string and display the contents of string via pointer

36.3.10.Pointer of a pointer
36.3.11.Assign value of myInt using pointer
36.3.12.Safe Swap
36.3.13.Unsafe swap
36.3.14.C# Pointer Operators
36.3.15.Modifying an Immutable String with Pointer
36.3.16.Pointer Arithmetic