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2.7.1.Convert feet to meters using doubles
2.7.2.Differences between int and double during 'divide'
2.7.3.Use the Pythagorean theorem to find find the length of the hypotenuse
2.7.4.Calculation by double variables
2.7.5.Compute the regular payments for a loan.
2.7.6.Show square roots of 1 to 99 many rolls of wallpaper are required for a room with double type variables
2.7.8.Calculate the future value
2.7.9.Show decimal point field when displaying double and set filler

2.7.10.Do while loop: double value and fabs()
2.7.11.Compare double in if statement
2.7.12.Calcluate Exponents of a double value
2.7.13.Compare double base on precision
2.7.14.Use double value as the while loop counter
2.7.15.Check the value of a double read from keyboard