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3.15.for loop
3.15.1.Simplest for loop statement
3.15.2.A conversion table of feet to meters
3.15.3.Use multiple statements in for loops
3.15.4.Display the alphabet: use char to control for loop
3.15.5.A negatively running for loop
3.15.6.Loop until a random number that is greater than 20,000.
3.15.7.A for loop with no increment
3.15.8.The body of a for loop can be empty
3.15.9.Declare loop control variable inside the for

3.15.10.Use nested for loops to find factors of numbers between 2 and 100
3.15.11.For loops with null statements
3.15.12.empty for loop statement
3.15.13.Compound interest calculations with for
3.15.14.Floating point control in a for loop
3.15.15.Generating multiplication tables