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13.2.template function
13.2.1.function template: GetMax
13.2.2.Function template: swapargs
13.2.3.template type
13.2.4.Using standard parameters in a template function
13.2.5.Overload a function template declaration
13.2.6.Function with generic parameters
13.2.7.template function to display the number limits
13.2.8.Overload template function
13.2.9.Specify template argument explicitly and implicitly

13.2.10.Namespace with template function
13.2.11.reference and non-reference template function
13.2.12.template function to print elements of an STL container
13.2.13.template function to get the maximum of three values of any type (call-by-reference)
13.2.14.template function to get the maximum of two values