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15.7.string compare
15.7.1.String: equals
15.7.2.string overloaded equality and relational operators
15.7.3.Compare string ignoring the case
15.7.4.Compare sub string: 0, string2.length(), string2 )
15.7.5.Use == > and < to compare strings
15.7.6.Use to compare two strings
15.7.7.Compare strings by index: 2, 5, string3, 0, 5)
15.7.8.Set with functor for string comparison
15.7.9.Case-Sensitive Substring Comparison: equivalent of strncmp()

15.7.10.Case-Sensitive Substring Comparison: generalization of strncmp()
15.7.11.Case-Sensitive String Comparisons
15.7.12.Use std::lexicographical_compare to compare two char arrays