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16.19.vector iterator
16.19.1.Display contents of vector through an iterator
16.19.2.Use const_iterator to loop through the vector
16.19.3.Change contents of vector through an iterator
16.19.4.iterators for vector
16.19.5.Declare an iterator to a vector
16.19.6.Obtain an iterator to the start of vector
16.19.7.Cycle through v in the forward direction using an iterator.
16.19.8.Cycle through v in the reverse direction using a reverse_iterator.
16.19.9.See if iterator is still in the same spot of memory

16.19.10.Loop through all elements in a vector in reverse order by using rbegn, rend
16.19.11.Reverse iterators
16.19.12.Const iterators
16.19.13.Converting Between Iterators and Indexes in a Vector