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22.1.1.Use generic deque to store integers
22.1.2.deque for char type
22.1.3.Use generic deque to store chars
22.1.4.Use generic deque to store strings
22.1.5.Initialize deque with 26 copies of the letter x
22.1.6.Create another deque that contains a subrange of dq
22.1.7.create a deque
22.1.8.Use std::copy to print out all elements in a deque
22.1.9.deque.push_back( value )

22.1.10.deque.push_front( value )
22.1.11.Create your own stack based on deque
22.1.12.Constructing a Container with Values from the Standard Input
22.1.13.Combine insert and end to add elements to a deque