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24.23.1.std::transform with predicate
24.23.2.Transform all elements into deque from set by multiplying 10
24.23.3.Use transform function to square all elements in an array
24.23.4.Use generic template function with transform
24.23.5.Use transform to negate all elements in a container
24.23.6.Use transform to transform elements in one container into another container with ten times their value
24.23.7.Use transform to print elements negatively and in reverse order
24.23.8.Use transform to square each element
24.23.9.Use transform to add each element traversed forward with each element traversed backward

24.23.10.Transform array to pair
24.23.11.Use transform to print differences of two corresponding elements
24.23.12.Transform algorithm and list of integers
24.23.13.Transform v, putting the result into a new sequence
24.23.14.multiplying the elements in v with those in v2