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25.8.1.Use find to search an element in a container
25.8.2.find an element in a list
25.8.3.Find the maximum element in a range in a list
25.8.4.Locate first occurrence of a value in a vector
25.8.5.Using find with normal iteration
25.8.6.Demonstrating generic find algorithm with an array
25.8.7.Generic find algorithm: use find function to find an element in an array
25.8.8.Use find algorithm to find an element in a list
25.8.9.Use istream_iterator and find

25.8.10.Generic find algorithm with input iterators associated with io streams
25.8.11.Use assert to check the find method
25.8.12.Define == operator in order to use the find method
25.8.13.Find an Element and Its Position in a Vector
25.8.14.find a value in vector
25.8.15.Find empty string