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2.8.1.Long Integer Literal
2.8.2.Create a Long object
2.8.3.Add two long integers, checking for overflow.
2.8.4.Multiply two long integers, checking for overflow.
2.8.5.Subtract two long integers, checking for overflow.
2.8.6.Convert Long to numeric primitive data types example
2.8.7.Convert long primitive to Long object Example
2.8.8.Compute distance light travels using long variables
2.8.9.Java long Example: long is 64 bit signed type

2.8.10.Min and Max values of datatype long
2.8.11.Gets the maximum of three long values.
2.8.12.Gets the minimum of three long values.
2.8.13.Convert Java String to Long example
2.8.14.Use toString method of Long class to convert Long into String.
2.8.15.Convert from long to String
2.8.16.Convert from String to long
2.8.17.A utility class for converting a long into a human readable string.
2.8.18.Java Sort long Array Example
2.8.19.Compare Two Java long Arrays Example

2.8.20.Format long with System.out.format