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2.28.String vs Char Array
2.28.1.Demonstrates the charAt and getChars
2.28.2.Converting Char array to String
2.28.3.Creating Character Arrays From String Objects
2.28.4.Copy characters from string into char Array
2.28.5.Creating String Objects From Character Arrays String(textArray, 9, 3): Creating String Objects From certain part of a character Array
2.28.7.Creating String Objects From Character Arrays using String.copyValueOf()
2.28.8.Creating a string from a subset of the array elements
2.28.9.Extracting a substring as an array of characters using the method getChars()

2.28.10.Using the Collection-Based for Loop with a String: Counting all vowels in a string
2.28.11.Construct one String from another.
2.28.12.demonstrates getChars( ):
2.28.13.implements CharSequence
2.28.14.Removes spaces (char <= 32) from end of this String with escape, handling null by returning null
2.28.15.Removes spaces (char <= 32) from end of this String, handling null by returning null
2.28.16.Swaps the case of a String changing upper and title case to lower case, and lower case to upper case.
2.28.17.Deletes all whitespaces from a String as defined by Character.isWhitespace(char).
2.28.18.Checks whether the String contains only digit characters.
2.28.19.Checks that the String does not contain certain characters.