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2.37.Convert to String
2.37.1.Convert String to java int Example
2.37.2.Converting Integer to Hex String
2.37.3.Converting int to binary string
2.37.4.Convert int to Octal String
2.37.5.valueOf(): convert to String
2.37.6.Converting byte to String
2.37.7.Converting long to String
2.37.8.Converting int to String
2.37.9.Converting float to String

2.37.10.Converting double to String
2.37.11.Converting short to String
2.37.12.Converting Char array to String
2.37.13.Converting a Primitive Type Value to a String
2.37.14.Convert Characters to Lower Case
2.37.15.Convert Characters to Upper Case
2.37.16.Convert a byte array to base64 string