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4.6.For Loop
4.6.1.The for Statement
4.6.2.For statement in detail
4.6.3.A loop allows you to execute a statement or block of statements repeatedly
4.6.4.The numerical for loop
4.6.5.Infinite For loop Example
4.6.6.initialization_expression: define two variables in for loop
4.6.7.Declare multiple variables in for loop
4.6.8.Multiple expressions in for loops
4.6.9.To omit any or all of the elements in 'for' loop: but you must include the semicolons

4.6.10.Keeping the middle element only in for loop
4.6.11.Using the Floating-Point Values as the control value in a for loop
4.6.12.Nested for Loop
4.6.13.Java's 'labeled for' loop
4.6.14.Print out a Diamond