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6.9.Formatting Date Time
6.9.1.Formatting Time and Date: The Time and Date Format Suffixes
6.9.2.%tr: Formatting time and date
6.9.3.%tc: Display complete time and date information
6.9.4.%tl:%tM: Display just hour and minute
6.9.5.%tB %tb %tm: Display month by name and number
6.9.6.Display 12-hour time format
6.9.7.Display 24-hour time format.
6.9.8.Display short date format.
6.9.9.Display date using full names.

6.9.10.Display complete time and date information: using %T rather than %t.
6.9.11.Display hour and minute, and include AM or PM indicator.
6.9.12.The Time and Date Format Suffixes
6.9.13.Display several time and date formats