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import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;
import java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException;

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 * Various string manipulation methods that are more efficient then chaining
 * string operations: all is done in the same buffer without creating a bunch of
 * string objects.
 * @author <a href="">Dungeon Project</a>
public class Main {
  private static final int CHAR_ONE_BYTE_MASK = 0xFFFFFF80;

  private static final int CHAR_TWO_BYTES_MASK = 0xFFFFF800;

  private static final int CHAR_THREE_BYTES_MASK = 0xFFFF0000;

  private static final int CHAR_FOUR_BYTES_MASK = 0xFFE00000;

  private static final int CHAR_FIVE_BYTES_MASK = 0xFC000000;

  private static final int CHAR_SIX_BYTES_MASK = 0x80000000;
   * Return the number of bytes that hold an Unicode char.
   * @param car
   *            The character to be decoded
   * @return The number of bytes to hold the char. TODO : Should stop after
   *         the third byte, as a char is only 2 bytes long.
  public static final int countNbBytesPerChar( char car )
      if ( ( car & CHAR_ONE_BYTE_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 1;
      else if ( ( car & CHAR_TWO_BYTES_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 2;
      else if ( ( car & CHAR_THREE_BYTES_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 3;
      else if ( ( car & CHAR_FOUR_BYTES_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 4;
      else if ( ( car & CHAR_FIVE_BYTES_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 5;
      else if ( ( car & CHAR_SIX_BYTES_MASK ) == 0 )
          return 6;
          return -1;

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