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 * A SafeUTF
 * @author <a href="">Tim Fox</a>
 * @author <a href="">Adrian Brock</a>
 * @version $Revision: 1174 $
 * $Id: 1174 2006-08-02 14:14:32Z timfox $
 * There is a "bug" in JDK1.4 / 1.5 DataOutputStream.writeUTF()
 * which means it does not work with Strings >= 64K serialized size.
 * See
 * We work around this by chunking larger strings into smaller pieces.
 * Note we only support TextMessage and ObjectMessage bodies with serialized length >= 64K
 * We DO NOT support Strings written to BytesMessages or StreamMessages or written as keys or values
 * in MapMessages, or as String properties or other String fields having serialized length >= 64K
 * This is for performance reasons since there is an overhead in coping with large
 * Strings
public class SafeUTF
   //Default is 16K chunks
   private static final int CHUNK_SIZE = 16 * 1024;
   private static final byte NULL = 0;
   private static final byte NOT_NULL = 1;
   public static SafeUTF instance = new SafeUTF(CHUNK_SIZE);
   private int chunkSize;
   private int lastReadBufferSize;
   public int getLastReadBufferSize()
      return lastReadBufferSize;
   public SafeUTF(int chunkSize)
      this.chunkSize = chunkSize;
   public void safeWriteUTF(DataOutputStream out, String str) throws IOException
      if (str == null)
         int len = str.length();
         short numChunks;
         if (len == 0)
            numChunks = 0;
            numChunks = (short)(((len - 1) / chunkSize) + 1);
         int i = 0;
         while (len > 0)
            int beginCopy = i * chunkSize;
            int endCopy = len <= chunkSize ? beginCopy + len : beginCopy + chunkSize;
            String theChunk = str.substring(beginCopy, endCopy);
            len -= chunkSize;
   public String safeReadUTF(DataInputStream in) throws IOException
      boolean isNull = in.readByte() == NULL;
      if (isNull)
         return null;
      short numChunks = in.readShort();
      int bufferSize = chunkSize * numChunks;
      // special handling for single chunk
      if (numChunks == 1)
         // The text size is likely to be much smaller than the chunkSize
         // so set bufferSize to the min of the input stream available
         // and the maximum buffer size. Since the input stream
         // available() can be <= 0 we check for that and default to
         // a small msg size of 256 bytes.
         int inSize = in.available();
         if (inSize <= 0)
            inSize = 256;

         bufferSize = Math.min(inSize, bufferSize);
         lastReadBufferSize = bufferSize;
      StringBuffer buff = new StringBuffer(bufferSize);
      for (int i = 0; i < numChunks; i++)
         String s = in.readUTF();

      return buff.toString();

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