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9.2.1.Using the Collections.synchronized methods
9.2.2.Get Synchronized List from ArrayList
9.2.3.Sort elements of ArrayList
9.2.4.Copy Elements of ArrayList to Java Vector
9.2.5.Copy Elements of One ArrayList to Another ArrayList
9.2.6.Find maximum element of ArrayList
9.2.7.Find Minimum element of ArrayList
9.2.8.Get Enumeration over ArrayList
9.2.9.Perform Binary Search on ArrayList

9.2.10.Replace All Elements Of ArrayList
9.2.11.Replace all occurrences of specified element of ArrayList
9.2.12.Reverse order of all elements of ArrayList
9.2.13.Shuffle elements of ArrayList
9.2.14.Swap elements of ArrayList
9.2.15.Sort ArrayList in descending order using comparator
9.2.16.Search collection element
9.2.17.Rotate elements of a collection
9.2.18.Sort items of an ArrayList with Collections.reverseOrder()
9.2.19.Create an empty collection object

9.2.20.The Collections.fill() method
9.2.21.Create and demonstrate an immutable collection.
9.2.22.A combination of two collections into a collection