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9.6.Array Objects
9.6.1.Arrays of Objects
9.6.2.Arrays of Strings: using 'new' operator
9.6.3.Arrays of Strings: initial values determine the size of the array
9.6.4.Demonstrate String arrays.
9.6.5.Checks whether two arrays are the same length, treating null arrays as length 0.
9.6.6.Checks whether two arrays are the same type taking into account multi-dimensional arrays.
9.6.7.Turn an array of ints into a printable string.
9.6.8.Check if the given object is an array (primitve or native).
9.6.9.Reverses the order of the given long type value array.

9.6.10.Removes the first occurrence of the specified element from the specified array.
9.6.11.Removes the element at the specified position from the specified array.