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9.8.Array Sort Search
9.8.1.Sorting Arrays
9.8.2.Sorting a subset of array elements
9.8.3.Sorting arrays of objects
9.8.4.Object Arrays: Searching for elements in a sorted object array
9.8.5.Searching Arrays
9.8.6.Finds the index of the given object in the array starting at the given index.
9.8.7.Finds the index of the given object in the array.
9.8.8.Finds the last index of the given object in the array starting at the given index.
9.8.9.Finds the value in the range (start,limit) of the largest element (rank) where the count of all smaller elements in that range is less than or equals target.

9.8.10.Returns an index into arra (or -1) where the character is not in the charset byte array.
9.8.11.Returns an int[] array of length segments containing the distribution count of the elements in unsorted int[] array with values between min and max (range).
9.8.12.Returns the minimum value in an array.
9.8.13.Returns true if all the references in array1 are equal to all the references in array2 (two null references are considered equal for this test).
9.8.14.Get the element index or last index among a boolean type array
9.8.15.Produces a new array containing the elements between the start and end indices.
9.8.16.Test the equality of two object arrays
9.8.17.Get the index and last index of an int type value array
9.8.18.FastQSorts the [l,r] partition (inclusive) of the specfied array of Rows, using the comparator.
9.8.19.Sort array utilities