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9.9.Arrays Utilities
9.9.1.How to sort an array
9.9.2.Sorting an Array in Descending (Reverse) Order
9.9.3.Shuffle elements of an array
9.9.4.Minimum and maximum number in array
9.9.5.Convert an Array to a List
9.9.6.Extend the size of an array
9.9.7.How to copy an array
9.9.8.Performing Binary Search on Java Array
9.9.9.Java Sort byte Array

9.9.10.Java Sort char Array
9.9.11.Java Sort double Array
9.9.12.Java Sort float Array
9.9.13.Sort an array: case-sensitive
9.9.14.Sort an array: case-insensitive provides ways to dump the content of an array.
9.9.16.Dump multi-dimensional arrays
9.9.17.Use java.util.Arrays.deepToString() to dump the multi-dimensional arrays
9.9.18.Shifting Elements in an Array: Shift all elements right by one
9.9.19.Shifting Elements in an Array: Shift all elements left by one

9.9.20.Compare two byte type arrays
9.9.21.Compare two char type arrays
9.9.22.Compare two short type arrays
9.9.23.Compare two int type arrays
9.9.24.Compare two long type arrays
9.9.25.Compare two float type arrays
9.9.26.Compare two double type arrays
9.9.27.Filling Elements in an Array
9.9.28.filling object arrays:
9.9.29.fill to a contiguous range of elements in an array
9.9.30.If the given objects are equal
9.9.31.Append the given Object to the given array
9.9.32.Array To String
9.9.33.Convert the given array (which may be a primitive array) to an object array
9.9.34.Gets the subarray from array that starts at offset.
9.9.35.Gets the subarray of length length from array that starts at offset.
9.9.36.Growable String array with type specific access methods.
9.9.37.Wrapper for arrays of ordered strings. This verifies the arrays and supports efficient lookups.
9.9.38.Reverses the order of the given object array.