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9.50.Your LinkedList
9.50.1.Demonstrating linked list
9.50.2.Finding and Deleting Specified Links
9.50.3.Double-Ended Lists: list with first and last references
9.50.4.Sorted Lists
9.50.5.A doubly-linked list
9.50.6.Iterators on a linked list
9.50.7.Linked List Entry
9.50.8.Demonstrating a stack implemented as a list
9.50.9.A simple linked List implementation

9.50.10.A simple Doubly Linked list class, designed to avoid O(n) behaviour on insert and delete.
9.50.11.A Queue Implemented by a Linked List
9.50.12.A class that wraps an array with a List interface.
9.50.13.List containing other lists
9.50.14.List implementation with lazy array construction and modification tracking.