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11.7.1.Creating an input or output stream on a ByteBuffer
11.7.2.Creating a Manifest for a JAR File
11.7.3.Convert InputStream to String
11.7.4.Compare the contents of two Streams to determine if they are equal or not.
11.7.5.Compare two InputStream
11.7.6.Counts down from a specified value the number of bytes actually read from the wrapped InputStream.
11.7.7.EOLConvertingInputStream: InputStream which converts \r bytes not followed by \n and \n not preceded by \r to \r\n.
11.7.8.Minimal InputStream subclass to fetch bytes form a String
11.7.9.Read and return the entire contents of the supplied InputStream.

11.7.10.Read and return the entire contents of the supplied InputStream. This method always closes the stream when finished reading.
11.7.11.Reads at most certain bytes from input stream and returns them as a byte array.
11.7.12.Using a Reader and a Writer, returns a String from an InputStream
11.7.13.Write the entire contents of the supplied string to the given stream. This method always flushes and closes the stream when finished.
11.7.14.Resettable File InputStream
11.7.15.An InputStream class that terminates the stream when it encounters a particular byte sequence.