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11.14.2.Create a file output stream directly from the file name
11.14.3.Create DataOutputStream from FileOutputStream
11.14.4.Create FileOutputStream object from File object
11.14.5.Create FileOutputStream object from String file path
11.14.6.Use FileOutputStream to read integers
11.14.7.Use FileOutputStream to write the bytes to a file.
11.14.8.Get FileChannel from FileOutputStream
11.14.9.File IO

11.14.10.Write file using FileOutputStream
11.14.11.Write byte array to a file using FileOutputStream
11.14.12.Write double to a file using DataOutputStream
11.14.13.Append output to file using FileOutputStream
11.14.14.Write UTF String, integer and double with DataOutputStream
11.14.15.Copy a file with FileInputStream and FileOutputStream
11.14.16.Forcing Updates to a File to the Disk
11.14.17.serializes an object to an output stream.