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14.43.JList Selection
14.43.1.List selection event
14.43.2.A single-selection JList.
14.43.3.Listening for Changes to the Items in a JList Component
14.43.4.Listening for Changes to the Selection in a JList Component
14.43.5.Setting the Selection Mode of a JList Component
14.43.6.The selected items must be in a contiguous range
14.43.7.Multiple ranges of selected items are allowed
14.43.8.Setting the Selected Items in a JList Component
14.43.9.Select all the items

14.43.10.Clear all selections
14.43.11.Select the first item
14.43.12.Add another selection - the third item
14.43.13.Deselect the first item
14.43.14.Getting the Selected Items in a JList Component
14.43.15.Get the index of the last selected item
14.43.16.Determine if there are any selected items