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14.97.Custom Layout
14.97.1.Custom Layout: DiagonalLayoutCustom Layout: DiagonalLayout
14.97.2.GraphPaperLayout implements LayoutManager2
14.97.3.Circle Layout
14.97.4.This LayoutManager arranges the components into a column. Components are always given their preferred size
14.97.5.Compents are laid out in a circle.
14.97.6.Specialised layout manager for a grid of components.
14.97.7.Stack Layout, uses an orientation to determine if the contents should be arranged horizontally or vertically.
14.97.8.A layout manager that displays a single component in the center of its container.
14.97.9.A simple layoutmanager to overlay all components of a parent.

14.97.10.A layout manager that lays out components along a central axis
14.97.11.Wrapper Layout
14.97.12.Center Layout
14.97.13.DividerLayout is layout that divides two components with the column of actions
14.97.14.X Y Layout