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 * (C)opyright 2003-2008, by Object Refinery Limited and Contributors.
 * Original Author:  David Gilbert (for Object Refinery Limited);
 * Contributor(s):   -;
 * $Id:,v 1.18 2008/06/02 06:58:28 mungady Exp $
 * Changes
 * -------
 * 13-Aug-2003 : Version 1 (DG);
 * 16-Mar-2004 : Moved rotateShape() from to here (DG);
 * 13-May-2004 : Added new shape creation methods (DG);
 * 30-Sep-2004 : Added createLineRegion() method (DG);
 *               Moved drawRotatedShape() method from RefineryUtilities class
 *               to this class (DG);
 * 04-Oct-2004 : Renamed ShapeUtils --> ShapeUtilities (DG);
 * 26-Oct-2004 : Added a method to test the equality of two Line2D
 *               instances (DG);
 * 10-Nov-2004 : Added new translateShape() and equal(Ellipse2D, Ellipse2D)
 *               methods (DG);
 * 11-Nov-2004 : Renamed translateShape() --> createTranslatedShape() (DG);
 * 07-Jan-2005 : Minor Javadoc fix (DG);
 * 11-Jan-2005 : Removed deprecated code in preparation for 1.0.0 release (DG);
 * 21-Jan-2005 : Modified return type of RectangleAnchor.coordinates()
 *               method (DG);
 * 22-Feb-2005 : Added equality tests for Arc2D and GeneralPath (DG);
 * 16-Mar-2005 : Fixed bug where equal(Shape, Shape) fails for two Polygon
 *               instances (DG);
 * 01-Jun-2008 : Fixed bug in equal(GeneralPath, GeneralPath) method (DG);

import java.awt.Shape;
import java.awt.geom.GeneralPath;
 * Utility methods for {@link Shape} objects.
 * @author David Gilbert
public class Main {

   * Creates a diagonal cross shape.
   * @param l  the length of each 'arm'.
   * @param t  the thickness.
   * @return A diagonal cross shape.
  public static Shape createRegularCross(final float l, final float t) {
      final GeneralPath p0 = new GeneralPath();
      p0.moveTo(-l, t);
      p0.lineTo(-t, t);
      p0.lineTo(-t, l);
      p0.lineTo(t, l);
      p0.lineTo(t, t);
      p0.lineTo(l, t);
      p0.lineTo(l, -t);
      p0.lineTo(t, -t);
      p0.lineTo(t, -l);
      p0.lineTo(-t, -l);
      p0.lineTo(-t, -t);
      p0.lineTo(-l, -t);
      return p0;


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