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17.65.1.Constants for Creating Tool Items
17.65.2.Create a push buttonCreate a push button
17.65.3.Add check buttons to ToolBarAdd check buttons to ToolBar
17.65.4.Add radio buttons to ToolBarAdd radio buttons to ToolBar
17.65.5.Two dropdownsTwo dropdowns
17.65.6.Creating Radio GroupsCreating Radio Groups
17.65.7.Working with DropdownsWorking with Dropdowns
17.65.8.Add ToolItem to ToolBarAdd ToolItem to ToolBar
17.65.9.Add image to ToolItemAdd image to ToolItem

17.65.10.Update a status line when the pointer enters a ToolItemUpdate a status line when the pointer enters a ToolItem
17.65.11.Add ToolTip to ToolItemAdd ToolTip to ToolItem
17.65.12.Add SelectionListener to ToolItemAdd SelectionListener to ToolItem