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Maximize Control
import org.eclipse.swt.SWT;
import org.eclipse.swt.custom.SashForm;
import org.eclipse.swt.layout.FillLayout;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Button;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell;

public class SashFromMaximizeControl {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Display display = new Display();
    Shell shell = new Shell(display);
    shell.setText("SashForm Test");
    // Fill the parent window with the buttons and sash
    shell.setLayout(new FillLayout());

    // Create the SashForm and the buttons
    SashForm sashForm = new SashForm(shell, SWT.VERTICAL);
    new Button(sashForm, SWT.PUSH).setText("Left");
    Button control = new Button(sashForm, SWT.PUSH);
    if (control == sashForm.getMaximizedControl()) {
    } else {
    while (!shell.isDisposed()) {
      if (!display.readAndDispatch()) {


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