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 * $Id: 28982 2007-04-16 21:41:44Z $
 * Copyright (c) 2006 The Sakai Foundation.
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 * @author ieb
 * @since Sakai 2.4
 * @version $Rev: 28982 $

public class URLUtils

  public static String addParameter(String URL, String name, String value)
    int qpos = URL.indexOf('?');
    int hpos = URL.indexOf('#');
    char sep = qpos == -1 ? '?' : '&';
    String seg = sep + encodeUrl(name) + '=' + encodeUrl(value);
    return hpos == -1 ? URL + seg : URL.substring(0, hpos) + seg
        + URL.substring(hpos);

   * The same behaviour as Web.escapeUrl, only without the "funky encoding" of
   * the characters ? and ; (uses JDK URLEncoder directly).
   * @param toencode
   *        The string to encode.
   * @return <code>toencode</code> fully escaped using URL rules.
  public static String encodeUrl(String url)
      return URLEncoder.encode(url, "UTF-8");
    catch (UnsupportedEncodingException uee)
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(uee);


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