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A URL is a unique address to an Internet resource. Here is a URL:

  1. HTTP: the protocol to use to retrieve the resource.
  2. the host, where the resource resides.
  3. 80 is the port number.
  4. /index.htm specifies the path of the URL.

In Java, a URL is represented by a object.

public URL (java.lang.String spec)
public URL (java.lang.String protocol, java.lang.String host,java.lang.String file)
public URL (java.lang.String protocol, java.lang.String host,int port, java.lang.String file)
public URL (URL context, String spec)
URL myUrl = new URL ("");

Because no page is specified, the default page is assumed. The following lines of code create identical URL objects.

URL yahool = new URL ("");
URL yahoo2 = new URL ("", "/index.html");
URL yahoo3 = new URL ("", 80, "/index.html");

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