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<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
   String title = "HttpServletRequest Method Values";
   Map entries = new TreeMap();
   entries.put("getCharacterEncoding", request.getCharacterEncoding());
   entries.put("getContentLength", "" + request.getContentLength());
   entries.put("getContentType", request.getContentType());
   entries.put("getLocale", request.getLocale());
   entries.put("getProtocol", request.getProtocol());
   entries.put("getRemoteAddr", request.getRemoteAddr());
   entries.put("getRemoteHost", request.getRemoteHost());
   entries.put("getScheme", request.getScheme());
   entries.put("getServerName", request.getServerName());
   entries.put("getServerPort", "" + request.getServerPort());
   entries.put("isSecure", "" + request.isSecure());
   request.setAttribute("_table_title", title);
   request.setAttribute("_table_entries", entries);
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