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28.5.Properties Injection
28.5.1.Fill Map
28.5.2.Fill Set
28.5.3.Fill Properties
28.5.4.Fill List To Another List
28.5.5.Fill Calendar Object To List
28.5.6.Properties Setting: Date
28.5.7.Property Setting Byte Array
28.5.8.Property Setting Boolean
28.5.9.Property Setting: BigDecimal

28.5.10.Property Setting Properties
28.5.11.Property Setting Integer
28.5.12.Property Setting File
28.5.13.Property Setting Class type
28.5.14.Property Setting Stream From URL
28.5.15.Property Setting: URL
28.5.16.Property Setting String Array
28.5.17.Fill Value To List
28.5.18.Create List, Map In Context
28.5.19.Bean Injection: Map

28.5.20.Bean Injection: Collection Set
28.5.21.Bean Injection Collection Properties
28.5.22.Bean Injection: Collection Map
28.5.23.Bean Injection: Collection List
28.5.24.Load property File In Context