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28.21.1.Use QueryForInt To Execute Aggregate Function
28.21.2.Use JdbcTemplate To Execute Aggregate Function
28.21.3.Use Jdbc Template To Create Table
28.21.4.Use batchUpdate To Execute Two Update Statements
28.21.5.Update, Delete Statements With Jdbc Template
28.21.6.Execute DeleteStatement
28.21.7.Query For Object, Return String
28.21.8.Query For Map
28.21.9.Query For List, Returns List Of LinkedHashMap

28.21.10.Query For List
28.21.11.Pass RowCallbackHandler Into Query Method In JdbcTemplate
28.21.12.Pass ResultSetExtractor To Query Method In JdbcTemplate
28.21.13.Pass Parameter As Object Array
28.21.14.Pass Object Array To Query Method In JdbcTemplate
28.21.15.Number Of Row Affected