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33.5.DOM Attribute
33.5.1.Set Attribute
33.5.2.Get Attribute
33.5.3.Get an Attribute from an Element. Returns an empty String if none found
33.5.4.Has Attribute
33.5.5.Output XML element Attributes
33.5.6.Find Element Or Create And Attribute
33.5.7.Find Element Or Create And Set Attribute
33.5.8.Returns the value of the attribute of the given element
33.5.9.Set an Attribute in an Element

33.5.10.Return a list of named Elements with a specific attribute value.
33.5.11.Encode Xml Attribute
33.5.12.Copy the attribues on one element to the other
33.5.13.An encoder for converting text to be used within XML attribute values
33.5.14.remove Attribute
33.5.15.return the right attribute node
33.5.16.return the value of the attribute of the given element with the given name
33.5.17.get all the attributes for an Element