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Logger LevelDescription
SEVEREHighest logging level. This has top priority.
WARNINGOne level below severe. For warning messages that need attention, but aren't serious.
INFOTwo levels below severe. For informational messages.
CONFIGThree levels below severe. For configuration-related output.
FINEFour levels below severe. For program tracing information.
FINERFive levels below severe. For program tracing information.
FINESTLowest logging level. This has lowest priority.
ALLSpecial level that makes the system log ALL messages.
OFFSpecial level that makes the system log NO messages (turns logging off completely).

35.1.1.A full list of levels.
35.1.2.Logging a Method Call
35.1.3.Logging an Exception
35.1.4.The StreamHandler serves chiefly as a base class for all handlers that write log messages to some OutputStream.
35.1.5.The ConsoleHandler writes log messages to System.err.
35.1.6.The SocketHandler writes log messages to the network over a specified TCP port.
35.1.7.The FileHandler is able to write to a single file, or write to a rotating set of files as each file reaches a specified maximum size.
35.1.8.The FileHandler class supports filename patterns.
35.1.9.The MemoryHandler is a circular buffer in memory.
35.1.10.The ErrorManager
35.1.11.Information Logging
35.1.12.Log to a file
35.1.13.Guaranteeing proper class and method names
35.1.14.Preventing a Logger from Forwarding Log Records to Its Parent