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38.6.Fileset Pattern
38.6.1.Define a pattern set
38.6.2.Pattern set with one star
38.6.3.Dir set
38.6.4.Set defaultexcludes to 'no'
38.6.5.fileset with selector
38.6.6.fileset with include and contians
38.6.7.fileset based on date
38.6.8.fileset with exclude
38.6.9.fileset with depth

38.6.10.fileset with patternset and different
38.6.11.fileset based on folder and file name
38.6.12.Include files into a file set
38.6.13.fileset with present
38.6.14.fileset with containsregexp
38.6.15.fileset with size check
38.6.16.flatten a filelist
38.6.17.Create a class file set
38.6.18.class file set with root
38.6.19.fileset with two containsregexp