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30.3.Selector Attribute
30.3.1.Select attribute and it ends with a certain value
30.3.2.Select attribute value
30.3.3.Select attribute: not equals
30.3.4.Select attribute: start with
30.3.5.Select attribute value: match value
30.3.6.Select attribute by value
30.3.7.Get by attribute
30.3.8.match all of the specified attribute filters
30.3.9.attributeNotEqual(attribute, value) matches elements that don't have the specified attribute

30.3.10.attributeMultiple(selector1, selector2, selectorN) matches elements with specified attribute
30.3.11.attributeHas(attribute) matches elements that have the specified attribute.
30.3.12.attributeEquals(attribute, value) matches elements with the specified attribute
30.3.13.attributeEndsWith(attribute, value): have the specified attribute and it ends with a certain value.
30.3.14.attributeContains(attribute, value) matches specified attribute