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30.130.Event Mouse
30.130.1.Mouse enter event
30.130.2.Mouse leave event
30.130.3.Mouse down event
30.130.4.Mouse enter
30.130.5.Cascaded Mouse leave event
30.130.6.Mouse out event
30.130.7.Mouse over event
30.130.8.Mouse over action
30.130.9.Mouse up event

30.130.10.mouseover event triggering
30.130.11.mouseenter event triggering
30.130.12.mouseleave event triggering
30.130.13.mouseout(fn) event fires when mouse is moved away from an element.
30.130.14.mousemove(fn) event fires when mouse is moved
30.130.15.mousedown(fn) event fires when the pointing device button is pressed over an element.
30.130.16.Show texts when mouseup and mousedown event triggering.
30.130.17.Show the mouse coordinates when the mouse is moved over the yellow div. Coordinates are relative to the window which in this case is the iframe.