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30.141.UI Dialog
30.141.1.jQuery UI Dialog
30.141.2.Basic Dialog modal
30.141.3.Modal confirmation
30.141.4.Modal form
30.141.5.Modal message
30.141.6.Set dialog height
30.141.7.Add ok button to dialog and link with event handler
30.141.8.Dialog open event
30.141.9.Dialog closed event

30.141.10.Dialog animation: close
30.141.11.Open a dialog through a button click event
30.141.12.Close a button after pressing OK button
30.141.13.Set auto open to true
30.141.14.Destroy a dialog
30.141.15.Get the input value from a dialog
30.141.16.Closed action
30.141.17.Open div tag based dialog
30.141.18.Slide in/out dialog
30.141.19.Fade in/out dialog