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30.146.UI Resizable
30.146.1.jQuery UI Resizable - Animate
30.146.2.jQuery UI Resizable - Preserve aspect ratio
30.146.3.jQuery UI Resizable - Constrain resize area
30.146.4.jQuery UI Resizable - Default functionality
30.146.5.jQuery UI Resizable - Delay start
30.146.6.jQuery UI Resizable - Maximum / minimum size
30.146.7.jQuery UI Resizable - Snap to grid
30.146.8.jQuery UI Resizable - Synchronous resize
30.146.9.jQuery UI Resizable - Visual feedback

30.146.10.Set max Width, max Height, min width and min height
30.146.11.ghost your resizable
30.146.12.containment: ".container", aspectRatio: true
30.146.13.Animated resizable
30.146.14.Get resized height and width